2. Business Analysis Domain

Business Analysis Domain
Figure 2: Business Analysis Domain

The Business Analysis Domain includes the identification of the business analysis being or to be performed by a particular group of users, the sources of information and documentation of business rules metadata. The Business Analysis Domain is the pivot point for the Information Warehouse Development Methodology. As information requirements are identified there is an assessment of whether the Information Warehouse currently contains the data to satisfy the requirement. If the assessment is that additional data must be captured and stored in the warehouse or that analysis requires a view of the warehouse that is in some way incompatible with the current implementation (for example, additional levels of detail or summarization along new keys) a development project must be undertaken to implement the additional extractions or to create the new summary data mart.

The components of the Business Analysis Domain are:

  • Business Analysis Definitions
  • Data Requirements
  • Source Identification
  • Extract/Transformation Rules
  • Validation/Cleansing Rules
  • User Access Requirements

2.1.        Business Analysis Definitions

2.2.        Data Requirements

2.3.        Source Identification

2.4.        Extract/Transformation Rules

2.5.        Validation/Cleansing Rules

2.6.        User Access Requirements